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Our Story

Megawin Electric is a company established in January 2015 by the owners of Megawin Switchgear Pvt Ltd, Salem, India in collaboration with PBSI Group UK for manufacturing medium voltage switchgear and transformers for the GCC and International markets. 


Megawin Switchgear, India is a leading switchgear manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in research, design, development and manufacturing of MV switchgear and transformers. PBSI Group UK, has a rich experience of over 80 years of switchgear and protection experience through its divisions, P&B Switchgear and P&B Protection Relays.


Megawin Electric brings top class knowledge in Medium Voltage Switchgear technology, Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) & automation solutions. Megawin boasts of expertise in product design, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, quality control, testing and logistics. Prompt after sales on-site service, commissioning assistance, periodic maintenance and support, assures our customers of 100% satisfaction.


Megawin Electric team has over 100 years of MV switchgear experience with the combined knowledge of PBSI Switchgear, U.K. and Megawin Switchgear, India. 


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