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Technology Partners


Megawin Electric has a technical partnership with PBSI Group UK to consolidate the technical expertise of more than 80 years in the field. PBSI today has some of the leading minds in the switchgear industry. Their directors have directly contributed to the development of the Megawin Electric switchgear designs

Tony Harris - BSc DipM CEng FIET

Managing Director – PBSI Group Ltd


Tony was appointed the Group Managing Director of PBSI Group Ltd, Manchester, England in 2012 after 7 years as Managing Director of P&B Switchgear Ltd. Previously, he was the Technical Director of ALSTOM Distribution Switchgear UK, responsible for marketing and for directing and managing all MV switchgear R&D projects in the UK and co-ordinating pan European R&D projects with other ALSTOM switchgear factories. Prior to this, Tony was Engineering Director in Hawker Siddeley Switchgear UK, responsible for introduction of outdoor overhead pole top and indoor MV switchgear products. 

His earlier experience includes several years operating independent short circuit test laboratories and for performing many R&D projects as a Chartered Electrical engineer. Tony has also been a member of the UK national BSI Switchgear Standards Committee for over 20 years and has represented the UK at several IEC plenary conferences.

John Casey CEng MIMechE

Managing Director – P&B Switchgear


John is Managing Director of P&B Switchgear, Manchester, England, an operating division of PBSI Group Ltd, which designs and manufactures medium voltage switchgear and circuit breakers.


Previously he was R&D Director of a UK origin & middle east based RMU manufacturer. During this time he was responsible for the design of all their switchgear products, including RMUs for Middle East and Saudi Arabia markets.  Prior to that John was Product Development Manager at ALSTOM Distribution Switchgear & was responsible for managing R&D and has introduced new and novel RMU designs.  He was design engineer with Reyrolle Switchgear and with Schneider Electric UK. John has also been a member of the UK national BSI Switchgear Standards Committee for many years and has been a member of several IEC working groups.


Phil Harrop- BSc AMIET

Engineering Manager – P&B Switchgear


Phil is responsible for design & development of all new circuit breakers and switchgear. He is also responsible for industrialisation, design improvements and cost reduction in designs.


Previously, Phil was Engineering Manager at Hawker Siddeley Switchgear and prior to that in Whipp & Bourne Switchgear. He was responsible for design and development of MV air insulated switchgear for AC and DC applications, outdoor circuit breakers and pole top autoreclosers, which are in operation in many parts of the world. 



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