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We have complete manufacturing and testing facilities for a wide range of 15KV switchgear and Cast resin Transformers. All our products are fully type tested at KEMA laboratories in Netherlands. 



One of the most versatile indoor switchgear available in both withdrawable and cassette type. The product is type-tested for both IEC and ANSI standards and can be used in a range of applications

15KV 1250A 25KA Fixed type Vacuum Circuit Breaker



Most compact switchgear with a magnetic actuator breaker and ultra slim body. Fully typested for both IEC and ANSI standards. This fixed type VCB is tiny with a small foot print, but delivers a giant like performance



Most technically advanced solution best suitable for incomer panels. Available in both cassette and withdrawable types and is fully type tested at KEMA for both IEC and ANSI standards 


SAARA Series


Compact and reliable SF6 Ring Main Units. Fully typested for IEC standards. Available in multiple configuration of Circuit Breakers and Load break switches

KAPI Series


Reliable Pole mounted switchgear. Fully typested for IEC standards. Solid Insulated 15KV reclosers, Gas insulated 15KV sectionalisers and Gas Insulated 36KV Reclosers

SETHU Series


Simple and environment friendly rage of dry type, Cast Resin Transformers conforming to IEC standards

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