Dry type Cast Resin Transformers are supplied with sheet steel enclosures and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications


·Both the panels and transformers are designed, type tested & complying to latest IEC standards & GCC specifications

Specific features


  • Compact. and maintenance free

  • Eco friendly 

  • No oil used - Fire hazard eliminated

  • Resin casting provides much better dielectric strength and short circuit withstand capability

  • Non-hygroscopic epoxy casting  under HPG technology

  • Highly stable under short circuit conditions us Copper foil winding on LV side (above 500kVA)

  • Low noise as step lap joints used in core construction

  • It has negligible partial discharge due to epoxy casting under specialized vacuum process with HV/LV winding separately cast

  • The foil winding in LV makes it withstand higher short circuit forces owing to negligible axial force components

  • Off circuit Tap changing links are a standard feature. Dry Type On-load Tap changing Gear can also be supplied



High Rise buildings

Congested locations

Underground escavations

Package Substations

Fire hazard areas like oil & gas, etc

Market Segments


Utilities (primary and secondary




Large Buildings

Oil & Gas

2010 - present

2010 - present